As current historical events rapidly unfold before our eyes, it’s easy to become over-stimulated and desensitized as we’re bombarded with continual ‘breaking’ news.


My practice, both investigatory and emotional in nature, aims to momentarily suspend these moments in time and illustrate my personal responses to find truth and deeper connections between social, political and racial events that can sometimes feel so abstract, fragmented and ephemeral as they’re on our screens one second, and gone the next.


Drawing inspiration from everyday objects and symbolism they often carry, I create vibrant large-scale acrylic paintings infused with rich visual storytelling to encompass the viewer and create a physical space to pause, reflect and internalize these events through a different perspective. My work calls for the participation of the viewer as I stack various visual and emotional layers to explore and unpack in their own personal way.


Each painting marks my response to a moment in time and is driven by my desire to uncover meaning to grant the viewer new insight and feel invigorated to continue to navigate the complexities of our world today. 


Natalia Juncadella (b. 1992) was born in Miami, Florida. Natalia studied painting and graphic design at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).


She has exhibited work in Miami and Boston and currently lives in San Francisco, CA.




SLATE Contemporary

San Francisco Bay Area

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